Service Philosophy

Our service philosophy starts with our team. We spend nearly three weeks with each new employee going over every aspect of the Café so that they can put all their focus on assisting their co-workers and every guest that enters the Café. Throughout the course of the year, and even on a weekly basis, we spend time honing our skills and making the guest experience a little better each day.

Because we spend so much time teaching and answering questions from the staff, we are all prepared to offer efficient, pleasant, and warm service to each guest. Every employee of the Café is responsible for every guest every day. We are good to each other and therefore good to our guests.

We are dedicated to providing the most pleasant overall dining experience possible for each of our guests every time they visit us:

  1. We provide beautiful and comfortable surroundings.
  2. We offer an interesting and varied menu, with each item of the highest quality and consistently well prepared.
  3. Each guest receives attentive, efficient, and pleasant service.
  4. We offer a feeling of warmth and welcome to each guest from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave.

We like our guests and want them to return with their family and friends, and to recommend our quality service to others. It’s the only way we can survive as a business. The success of our restaurant requires that we work together to provide the best possible care of our guests.