Ken Kohls - Chef

I have worked here at the Café since 1997 and have been given the opportunity to be the Chef since 2005. Along with my experience at Café 1505 I have worked in two other restaurants. I have been in the industry since 1986 working in both the front and back of the house.

At the Café I enjoy having our customers try new and flavorful items along with the many popular favorites. One of the goals at the Café is to create the 100 Mile Menu. This menu contains ingredients sourced from local suppliers and growers. With these locally sourced items we then create daily and weekly specials. Our staff in the kitchen strives to accommodate any and all requests as much as possible. Customer service and a wonderful dining experience is our goal.

When not at the Café, I enjoy spending time with my family helping to raise our two children. I enjoy traveling, fishing, hunting, new dining experiences and creating new and exciting opportunities for my family. Whether I dine out or create something new at home we always have a great experience. I look forward to you coming to the Café and enjoying your dining experience. We are the spot!

Pam Fransee - Deli Manager

I have worked at Café 1505 for over 14 years and have been in the food industry for a countless number of years. I have a BA in food and nutrition and an associate’s degree in the culinary arts. I enjoy working at the café and encouraging our guests to try items they may not be familiar with. I like to see the delight in their eyes and think they may begin to try some other items on their own. I am proud of the quality and flavor of the foods we serve, and I am proud to promote the menu.

I love to cook and bake, and I read anything food related. Some of my most treasured memories are those of family events and the foods that were shared—the taste, the aroma, the atmosphere.

Working at the Café is an ever evolving experience for me. I try to do the best job that I can every day, and I look forward to my continued success at Café 1505.

Bill Ledger - Owner

I started at Café 1505 in 2001 and fell in love with it immediately. I have spent all my working years involved in the restaurant business in some way or another. I started by bussing tables in Lake Geneva and worked in every job within the business. In 2007, I purchased Café 1505 and have enjoyed taking care of “my baby.”

For me coming to work is fun, it is exciting, and it is challenging. I am driven by the happy faces of the staff and of the guests. I have always worked very hard to create an environment where the staff wants to come, to make it fun, and to give them the chance to make a good living. I think this reflects on how we treat our guests. We go out of our way to do whatever we can to make the experience a memorable one.

When I am not at the Café I am busy raising my two boys Owen and Jake with my lovely wife Julie. She and I are avid Marquette basketball fans and are both graduates. I enjoy playing golf, or trying to anyway, and traveling the country.

My goal is that Café 1505 continues to be one of the best places for breakfast and lunch and continues to provide the entire staff a great place to work and earn a living. The café is what it is because of the people that take pride in working here every day.

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