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Featuring a selection of wines chosen by our Chef Ken Kohls.  We serve a variety of wines on tap (including bubbly), by the glass, and by the bottle. 
  Glera On Tap 
 Singlo-small bubbles, light fruit  
  Pinot Grigio On Tap 
 Stemmari-fruity, tart, crisp  
  Chardonnay On Tap 
 Pacific Standard-green apple, minerals  
  Pinot Noir On Tap 
 Reata-smokey, dark fruit, slightly dry  
  Malbec On Tap 
 El Rede-slightly dry, bold fruit
  Zinfandel On Tap 
 Pacific Standard-dry cherry  
 Millbrandt Traditions-2012, Columbia Valley, WA
Light, pineapple, pear
 Crème de Lys-2013, California
Fruit forward, light richness
 Pine Ridge-2013, California
Peach, pear, mango
 Mer Soleil-2012, Monterey County, CA
Bright, pineapple, orange, vanilla
  Sauvignon Blanc 
 Upper Cut-2013, North Coast, CA
Fruity, hints of honey and lemon
  Pinot Grigio 
 Double Decker-2012, California
Crisp, melon, citrus
  Chardonnay (By the Bottle) 
 Byron-2011, Santa Barbara, CA
Crisp, honey, spice, apple
  Sauvignon Blanc (By the Bottle) 
 Charmed-2012, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma, CA
Apple, hint of grassiness
  Old Vines Pinot Noir 
 Lodi, CA
Fruit, berries
  Etude Lyric Pinot Noir 
 2012, Santa Barbara, CA
Elegant, cherry, spice, delicious
  Cabernet Sauvignon 
 Cypress-2012, Central Coast, CA
Ripe red fruit, soft, rich
 Writer's Block-2012, Kelseyville, CA
Dark berry, spice, light oak
  Pinot Noir (By the Bottle) 
 Belle Glos Dairyman-2012, Sonoma County, CA
Brassfield-2012, Clearlake Oaks, CA
  Cuvee (By the Bottle) 
 Gundlach Bundschu-2011, Sonoma County, CA
Blend, fragrant, full, smooth finish
  Merlot (By the Bottle) 
 Rutherford Hill-2010, Napa Valley, CA
Terrific, rich, soft, cherry
  Zinfandel (By the Bottle) 
 The Federalist Visionary-2011, Dry Creek Valley, CA
Robust fruit, bright cherry
  Cabernet Sauvignon (By the Bottle) 
 Dry Creek-2010, Sonoma County, CA
Stag's Leap-2011, Napa Valley, CA
  Syrah (By the Bottle) 
 Gordon Estates-2012, Columbia Valley, WA
Chocolate, pepper
Featuring a carefully selected collection of WI based craft beers.
  New Grist 
 Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee  
  Miller Lite 
 Miller Brewing, Milwaukee  
  Klisch Pilsner 
 Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee  
  Spotted Cow 
 New Glarus Brewing Company, New Glarus  
  Island Wheat 
 Capital Brewery, Middleton  
  Shine On Ale 
 Central Waters Brewing Company, Amherst  
  Pull Chain Ale 
 MKE Brewing, Milwaukee  
  Knot Stock 
 Furthermore Beer, Spring Green  
  Fatty Boombalatty 
 Furthermore Beer, Spring Green  
  Ouisonsing Red 
 Central Waters Brewing Company, Amherst  
  WI Amber 
 Capital Brewery, Middleton  
  Special Amber 
 Sprecher Brewing Company, Milwaukee  
  Louie's Demise 
 MKE Brewing, Milwaukee  
  Moon Man IPA 
 New Glarus Brewing Company, New Glarus  
  Glacial Trail IPA 
 Central Waters Brewing Company, Amherst  
  Lakefront IPA 
 Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee  
  Bitter Woman IPA 
 Tyranena, Lake Mills  
  Hop Happy IPA 
 MKE Brewing, Milwaukee  
  Riverwest Stein 
 Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee  
  Fixed Gear 
 Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee  
  Eastside Dark 
 Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee  
  Polish Moon Stout 
 MKE Brewing, Milwaukee  
  Mudpuppy Porter 
 Central Waters Brewing Company, Amherst  
  Ciderboys Hard Cider 
 Point Brewery, Stevens Point  
Featuring signature Cafe 1505 cocktails made with WI based craft spirits from artisan distilleries.
  NEW Mequon Mule 
 Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka, housemade ginger beer, fresh lime juice, Korbel brandy
  1505 Mojito 
 Roaring Dan's rum, muddled mint, lime, Quince and Apple cucumber lime syrup, soda, and fresh lime juice  
  1505 Old Fashioned 
 Korbel brandy, muddled orange and Luxardo cherry, soda, sour mix, and a dash of Angostura bitters.
We can do it sweet or with special garnish for you!
  Rhuby Slipper 
 Art in the Age organic rhubarb liquor, Quince and Apple tart cherry grenadine syrup, sparlking glera, fresh lemon juice  
 Rehorst citrus honey vodka, sparkling glera, honey, fresh lemon juice  
  Sage Lemonade 
 Art in the Age Sage craft spirit, lemonade  
  Signature Verde Mary 
 Rehorst vodka, homemade tomatillo salsa verde, Sacramento tomato juice, Worcestershire, Cholula, celery salt  
  1505 Margarita 
 Patron Silver, Luxardo triple sec, lime mixer, fresh lime juice, served on the rocks with a salted rim  
  Fallen Apple 
 Ciderboys hard cider, Quince and Apple rhubarb hops syrup, lemon juice, dash of Angostura bitters  
 Rehorst-Great Lakes Distillery, MKE
Rehorst Citrus Honey-Great Lakes Distillery, MKE
Death's Door-Madison
Tito's-Austin, Texas
 Rehorst-Great Lakes Distillery, MKE
Death's Door-Madison
  Korbel Brandy 
 Kinnikinnic-Great Lakes Distillery, MKE
Death's Door White (Madison)
 Bulleit 10yr. Rye-Kentucky  
  Patron Silver Tequila 
  Glenfiddich 12yr. Scotch 
 Bailey's Irish Cream
Luxardo Espresso
Luxardo Angioletto Hazelnut
Kringle Cream-Nordic Distillers, Middleton