Daily Specials
Daily Specials
Quiche of the Day for October 17
Homemade, deep dish, unique ingredients, local eggs and cream.  Served with toast from local bakeries, fresh fruit, or lemon dijon dressed greens.
  Spinach and Monteray Jack 
Daily Soups for October 17
Our soups are always homemade from scratch using the finest ingredients from our own unique recipes.  We serve our famous cold soups and chilis seasonally. (v)--vegetarian  (gf)--gluten free
  Pumpkin (v) 
 Topped with crumbled Gorgonzola.  
  Wild Mushroom Wild Rice (v) 
Weekday Specials (Tues-Fri) October 16-19
Try one of this week's delicious specials.  We change our specials each week along with daily soups and weekend brunch specials.
  Mediterranean Cavatappi Pasta   9.00
 Cavatappi pasta, sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach, Star Dairy feta, kalamata olives, and homemade basil pine nut pesto vinaigrette tossed and served chilled with a Troubadour Bakery freshly baked roll. Also available in the deli for take-out.
  Handmade Pollo Verde Tamales   11.00
 Aboslutely mouthwatering!  Made with care by Lucia, the fresh masa dough is stuffed with pollo verde (tomatillo, jalapeno, onion, garlic, cilantro), steamed to perfection, and served with shredded lettuce and carrot. Served with sour cream and homemade tomatillo salsa verde.  
  Grilled Wild Salmon Sandwich   16.00
 Wild sockeye salmon filet is lightly seasoned and perfectly grilled through. Sandwiched on crusty Troubadour sourdough with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and homemade guac. Served with chips, dressed greens, or red cabbage slaw. Enjoy!