Daily Specials
Daily Specials
Quiche of the Day for August 19
Homemade, deep dish, unique ingredients, local eggs and cream.  Served with toast from local bakeries, fresh fruit, or lemon dijon dressed greens.
  Spinach & Swiss 
Daily Soups for August 19
Our soups are always homemade from scratch using the finest ingredients from our own unique recipes.  We serve our famous cold soups and chilis seasonally. (v)--vegetarian  (gf)--gluten free
  Gazpacho (v) (gf) 
  Caribbean Vegetable (gf) 
Brunch Specials August 18-19
Our brunch specials have become a hit!  We try to offer new and exciting brunch specials each weekend.
  Strauss Grassfed Burger w Arugula & Boursin   15.00
Strauss Family grassfed beef burger (half-pound) topped with homemade herb boursin, fresh arugula, oven toasted roma tomatoes, and a drizzle of balsamic glace served on a gently grilled Troubadour sesame seed bun. Served with choice of potato chips, lemon dijon dressed greens, or red cabbage slaw.
  Belgian Waffle w Berry Compote   12.00
 Delicious Belgian waffle is topped with a mixed berry compote (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry), brown sugar cinnamon pecan crumble, and homemade orange vanilla whipped cream.  
  Swiss Chard Frittata   10.00
 Three large JR Acres farm eggs are filled with Shared Seasons swiss chard, roasted roma tomatoes & basil, and Star Dairy aged cheddar served fluffy frittata style with your choice of lemon dijon dressed greens or Local Bakeries toast. sub fruit 1