Daily Specials
Daily Specials
Quiche of the Day for June 24
Homemade, deep dish, unique ingredients, local eggs and cream.  Served with toast from local bakeries, fresh fruit, or lemon dijon dressed greens.
  Broccoli Cheddar 
Daily Soups for June 24
Our soups are always homemade from scratch using the finest ingredients from our own unique recipes.  We serve our famous cold soups and chilis seasonally. (v)--vegetarian  (gf)--gluten free
  Gazpacho (v) (gf) 
  Chicken Noodle 
Upcoming Soups
Please check our daily soup updates or call the cafe for availability:
  Gazpacho (v) (gf) 
Brunch Specials June 24-25
Our brunch specials have become a hit!  We try to offer new and exciting brunch specials each weekend.
  Strawberry Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast   11.00
 Thick slices of freshly baked Trobodour challah bread are dipped in vanilla cream with JR.'s eggs and grilled to perfection. The slices are stuffed with strawberry Bel Gioioso mascarpone and fresh maple macerated strawberries. All topped with homemade orange vanilla whipped cream, oven toasted pecans, and more fresh maple macerated strawberries. Delicious!
   Strauss Veal Breakfast Schnitzel   18.00
 From our good friends the Strauss Family, Chef Ken lightly breads and pan sautees the veal and serves it with two local J.R. Acres eggs and homemade lemon hollandaise.  Served on a bed of sauteed spinach and oven roasted roma tomatoes. Outstanding!
   Rushing Waters Smoked Trout Frittata   12.00
 Tender Rushing Waters smoked trout, Bel Gioioso fontina, Big City Greens dill, and J.R.'s farm eggs served frittata style with your choice of fresh fruit, dressed greens, or Locally Baked toast.