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Top Notch Take-Out
Signature Prepared Salads
For over 20 years, we have been carefully preparing fresh salads on a daily basis.  These are signature prepared salads available for take out.  Served by weight, a single serving is one half pound, and served with a freshly baked roll.  (gf) signifies gluten free.
  Balsamic Chicken (gf) 
 Arugablly our most popular salad with tender chicken, crunchy celery, green onion, red seedless grapes, and pecans tossed in our homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  This salad is gluten free  
  Quinoa (gf) 
 So popular we had to move it from our special menu to a daily salad.  Quinoa, garbanzo beans, tomato, kalamata olive, feta, parsley, and a hint of cilantro tossed in our homemade lemon dijon dressing.  This salad is a perfect food for those following a gluten free diet.  
  Wild Rice (gf) 
 Nutty wild rice, red bell pepper, celery, craisins, toasted pecans, and toasted cashews tossed in our homemade raspberry vinaigrette.   
  Walnut Chicken Salad (gf) 
 Our version of the chicken salad with celery, walnut, green onion, lemon juice, and creamy mayonaisse dressing.  Great on a sandwich, too.  
  Red Cabbage Slaw (gf) 
 Also served as a side to our delicous sandwiches this slaw is made with red cabbage, carrot, and toasted sesame seeds tossed in our homemade rice wine vinaigrette.  
  Spinach Penne 
 A weekend treat made with tender penne pasta, gently wilted spinach, oven toasted pine nuts, parmesan, garlic, and olive oil.  
  Weekly Special 
 Every week Chef Ken makes a signature prepared salad for our deli case and for the dining room.  Some of our most popular choices include:  Curry Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Cavatappi, Arborio Rice with Asparagus, BBQ Chicken Pasta, Roasted Red Potato Caesar, Grilled Chicken & Sugar Snap peas, and more!  Please let us know if you'd like to see a special salad, and we will happy to let you know when we can make it for you.  
  Monterey Tuna (gf) 
 Our famous monterey tuna salad is made with 100% premium white albacore tuna, red & green bell pepper, red onion, celery, and easy mayo.  
  Egg Salad (gf) 
 Hard cooked eggs and cruncy celery tossed with a homemade mustard mayo.  
  Herb Chicken Salad (gf) 
 Our creamy chicken salad with tarragon and toasted sesame seeds.  
  Tomato Mozzarella Caprese (gf) 
 Fresh mozz, heirloom grape tomatoes, and homemade Central Greens basil pine nut pesto vinaigrette.  
Specialty Half Sandwiches
Over the years we have been asked to provide half sandwiches so people can enjoy a light, quick meal or pair it with on of our signature prepared salads or daily soups.  This way you can mix and match, too!
  Parm Crusted Veggie 
 Lime dipped avocado, red onion, tomato, sprouts, and Dijon mayo served on freshly baked French bread is crusted with parmesan.  
  Chicken Cobb Club 
 One of our most popular and talked about sandwiches with grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and bleu cheese mayo on toasted La Brea sour dough.  
  Honey Mustard Turkey 
 Our newest addition to the daily line-up with oven roasted turkey, swiss, mixed greens, tomato, and honey mustard served on harvest bread.  
  Pit Ham & Dill Havarti 
 Super delicious pit ham, dill havarti, English cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, and herb mayo on whole wheat bread.  
  Olive Nut 
 An oldtime favorite with green olive mayo, sprouts, and toasted pecans on whole wheat.  
  Herb Chicken Salad 
 Our famous chicken salad with tarragon, toasted sesame seeds, green onion, celery, lemon juice, and creamy mayo with lettuce and tomato on harvest or whole wheat bread.  
  Monterey Tuna 
 People come from miles around for our premium 100% white albacore tuna salad with mayo, red and green bell pepper, red onion, and celery with lettuce on French or whole wheat.  
  Egg Salad 
 So good, hard cooked eggs with a specialty mustard mayo and crunchy celery served with lettuce and sweet mango chutney mayo on French or whole wheat.  
Specialty Bakery & Treats
We team up with the best local bakeries and also bake some of our own specialty products to offer a great selecton of breakfast and beyond treats.
  Cinnamon Roll 
 Oooey gooey cinnamon roll baked daily by City Market in Milwaukee.  
  Assorted Muffins 
 City Market bakes and delivers every morning an assortment of delicous muffins like blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, carrot, pumpkin, lemon poppy seed, and more.  Don't see one you like, let us know and we will order one for the next morning.  
  Assorted Scones 
 Cinnamon chip, cranberry, and raspberry baked by City Market.  
  Cafe 1505 Specialty Breads 
 Baked at cafe 1505 our assorted specialty breads include Banana, Cranberry Orange, and Pumpkin.  You will even see our banana bread on the menu as a specialty French toast.  
 Our famous, perfectly sized bite of sweet goodness made with chocolate and butterscotch over rice crispies with peanut butter.  
  Homemade Brownies 
 Baked at the cafe, a slightly fudgie texture kicked up with a hint of espresso and nuts.  
  Assorted Bars 
 Key Lime and Raspberry Coconut from City Market have been a staple for a long time.  
  Assorted Premium Bars 
 7-Layer Bars, Mint Brownies and Caramel Bars from City Market are for the true sweet tooth.  
Pies & Tortes
We have an ever changing selection of fruit pies and tortes for that mid-afternoon treat.
  Fruit Pies 
 Our selection of fruit pies include Double Crust Apple, Lattice Crust Cherry, and Crumble Crust Appleberry.  These pies are made by City Market and the selection can include a combination of the three.  
  Specialty Tortes 
 The world famous Simma's Bakery creates these luxurious cakes and tortes.  Our selection changes often, if you don't see the one you like let us know.  These are also available for your next special event.  
We offer a huge seleciton of delicous cookies some baked by us at the cafe, some by Alterra Bakery, and some by Elegant Foods in Madison,  They make the perfect office treat tray.
  Jumbo Cookies 
 Baked by Alterra Bakery in Milwaukee our selection includes Cowboy, Ginger Snap, Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Chip.  
 Baked by the cafe and Elegant Foods our selection of smaller cookies perfect for that quick sweet or an office treat tray includes chocolate chip, craisin oatmeal walnut, m&m, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate, and snickerdoodle.  
  Seasonal Decorated Cookies 
 Baked by our friends at City Market these are delicious butter cookies decorated for the season.  Highlights include apples for back to school, hearts for Valentine's Day, trees and stockings for Christmas, and much more.  A nice gift.  
We offer a selection of retail goodies like potato chips, homemade spicy pecans, Burkey candy, chocolate, seasonal treats, Valentine coffee, and more.  Stop in and grab a quick  treat for yourself or someone you love.